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Nature's Top Athletic Supplement

One of the beautiful things about colostrum is that it has "sport specific" benefit. Nature knows that for you, or I, or any other mammal to survive and prosper it needs to have the abilities most valuable to it, those specific areas of activity that occupy the largest spectrum of its essential viability, enhanced above and beyond capabilities in areas not as important to it. For example when John Schaeffer (photo below) was a power lifter, he worked out with maximum resistance, and in it completely natural way, colostrum faciliated the development of his musculature. Cyclist Giddeon Massie, on the other hand works out for sprinting speed, and not muscle mass, and colostrum helps develop that ability. Colostrum, a child of nature 150 million years in development and perfection, helps the mammal, human or otherwise, be the best he can be at whatever area of physical activity and challenges it is involved in, in the intricate and incomprehesibly complex way that only nature can. If you are a bear colostrum will help you be a better bear. If you are a cheetah colostrum will help you be a better cheetah. If you lift heavy weights colostrum will help with that, an endurance athlete will be helped with endurance, and so on in accord with nature's perfect plan.

World Champion athletes choose Synertek Colostrum. Below are photos and testimonials of fitness guru and Olympic trainer John Schaeffer and World Class athletes who use and endorse Synertek colostrum.

color body building photo of John Schaeffer

Olympic Trainer
John Schaeffer MFS, MSS, MPN
6 x World Champion in both
Kickboxing and Powerlifting

"Your colostrum is exceptional and by far the best I have found anywhere on the market. It is a key step in my development of future Olympic and World Champions."

color speed skating photo of Apolo Ohno

Multi-time Olympian, Olympic Gold Medalist, Winner of Dancing With The Stars.
Apolo Ohno

�I�ve used synertek colostrum through two consecutive Olympics. Its helped me stay healthy, recover faster and be at the peak of my game. Thank you Tom!� - Apolo Ohno

color boxing photo of Wane Johnson

College football standout, Final Four in "The Contender" televised boxing competition.
Wayne Johnson

"I can honestly say after four months that Synertek Colostrum has helped my boxing reach a new level."

color bicycling photo of Giddeon Massie

Multi-time Olympian and World Champion, 11 time National Champion.
Giddeon Massie
8x U.S. National Champion

"It has done everything you said it would and of course John has always been a big advocate of it. I am happy to experience the benefits of it first hand. Thanks again!"

Colostrum is the first meal of all mammals and comes to the mammary glands before milk. Colostrum for use as a supplement is harvested from select dairy cows, after the calves have had an amount adequate for their needs. Only colostrum harvested within a short time after calving will provide all the benefit that colostrum is designed to. Highest quality colostrum harvested within six hours post calving can be ordered online at or

You can now have the same trainer as these champion athletes! John has developed World Class personalized exercise and dietary programs that anyone can use. To find the program that fits your unique needs, click on the logo below. I myself use one of John's personalized programs with incredible results. I personally guarantee they work.
- Tom Higham, President, Synertek Colostrum, Inc.

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