Arthritis and Colostrum

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of disability in the U.S. is arthritis and it limitís the physical activities of about twenty-one million adults. Since 21 million adults in the United States are disabled by arthritis, it seems a safe conclusion that the traditional medical approach to arthritis is lacking something. To the discerning reader, the evidence supporting the use of colostrum as a dietary supplement to make the body healthy is overwhelming. Consider the following facts. (1) The first meal of all mammals, including humans, is colostrum. (2) God and nature have been perfecting colostrum for an estimated 150 million years. (3) Calves and foals cannot survive without colostrum, and humans who did not get colostrum have lifelong health issues. (4) Although colostrum contains hundreds of components, the colostrum of all mammals is virtually identical. What does that mean? It means that the same, miraculously complex substance was created independently along with the lines of diverse mammalian species. That shows the power of the natural selection and the critical, exact composition of colostrum, with hundreds of components in precise proportions to each other, the result of one goal over a period of 150 million years: to provide newborn mammals with the absolutely most nutritious and healthful substance possible for the purpose of promoting and supporting life, health, strength and vitality. It is no surprise that colostrum as a supplement works for adults as well as for the newborn. Colostrum contains healing agents that renew and restore aged and damaged body tissues, anti-inflammatory components, and immune system modulating components. Persons using colostrum with various health issues often report that pain levels substantially decrease. Colostrum for human use is harvested from dairy cows after the calf has had all it needs. Only colostrum harvested soon after calving provides all the benefit that colostrum is designed to. Highest quality colostrum harvested within six hours post calving can be ordered online at or

Scientific Commentary

"Interlukin-10 (in colostrum) significantly reduces inflammation caused by arthritis, infection or injury whether from surgery or trauma." -- Robert K. York, M.D., Colostrum, A Journey Toward Better Health and Brighter Tomorrows.

"Transforming Growth Factors (TGF) are polypeptides which promote cell proliferation, tissue repair and maintenance (wound healing) and embryonic development. Dr. F.J. Ballard, et al, found bovine colostrum contained up to 100 times the mitogenic potency of human colostrum." -- Beth Ley, PhD, Colostrum, Nature's Gift to the Immune System

"PRP from colostrum can work as a regulatory substance of the thymus gland. It has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate symptomatology of both allergies and autoimmune diseases (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis). PRP inhibits the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells and reduces the major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune disease...."-- Dr. Zoltan Rona, The American Journal of Natural Medicine, March 1998

Highest quality colostrum harvested within six hours post calving can be ordered online at or

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