Allergies and Colostrum

The Beauty of Nature is that it promotes health in a perfectly balanced way. Colostrum may be the best example of that, the pre-milk fluid of the mammary glands that contains everything healthful for mammals that God and Nature could think of to put there in 150 million years of mammalian evolution. Colostrum promotes good health in probably every way imaginable. Colostrum for adult humans is harvested from dairy cows after the calves have had the amount they need. Cow colostrum is virtually identical to human colostrum but more concentrated. The reason that colostrum works for allergies is that it modulates the immune system as well as strengthens it. Modulation is another way of saying that, on the one hand it facilitates a strong immune reaction when needed, such as with infection, and on the other hand prevents over activity of the immune system when needed, such as with over activity caused by the otherwise harmless allergens that cause allergies.

Colostrum and Allergies, my Personal Story

The summer I turned 18 my allergies began to rage. It was classical “hay fever” as I was working on the family farm cutting hay and was coated head to toe in yellow, alfalfa pollen. My eye itched like the dickens and my nose was running like a faucet. Every since that summer, until I discovered colostrum, whether cutting hay or nowhere near a hay field, I had horrific allergies. For years it was all hay fever symptoms, and then the allergies seemed to internalize as I began to use various nasal sprays, and chronic fatigue set in. After years of struggling with the chronic fatigue, and finally getting allergy shots with little benefit, I happened to try colostrum, and - get this - in 10 days my allergy symptoms and chronic fatigue vanished, and remained only as unpleasant memories. That was 16 years ago and I still recall vividly that I had been using colostrum for 10 days. Life changing events like that stick in one’s mind.

Scientific Commentary about Colostrum and Allergies

"PRP from colostrum can work as a regulatory substance of the thymus gland. It has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate symptomatology of both allergies and autoimmune diseases (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis). PRP inhibits the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells and reduces the major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune disease...."-- Dr. Zoltan Rona, The American Journal of Natural Medicine, March 1998

“The ability to stimulate or suppress the immune response is highly significant. Suppressing the immune system is necessary to prevent the immune system from attacking the body itself, as in the case of autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, Alzheimer’s disease and allergies. Colostrum’s suppressive action may help prevent this type of activity involved in autoimmune diseases.” -- Beth Ley, PhD Nutrition
“Colostrum contains a special Proline-Rich-Polypeptide (PRP) that serves as a powerful regulator of the immune system. PRP in colostrum increases the permeability of the skin vessels, which offers a regulatory activity, stimulating or suppressing the immune response.” -- Staroscik

Testimonials about Colostrum and Allergies

"Our parents sent us some Synertek Colostrum and we love it! Our children have severe allergies that require prescription medication and the colostrum reduces the allergies to where only over the counter products are needed and only those when the air is particularly bad. Feel free to use our comments. We have been telling everyone about your product anyway. We have been so impressed with it and really feel better since using it. Even though we were taking a colostrum product previously, it just didn't 'pack the punch' yours does!"-- J. Rule, Barrington, IL

"I have to keep ordering to replace what I keep giving away to show everyone how fabulous your product is. I have at least 6 people now ordering from you and countless others who say they are going to try you. Please rush my order as I am about out AGAIN. Thanks so much. You have literally saved my life due to allergies being almost completely gone."-- Janis Gruber, Sachse, TX

"I am 40 years old and have been suffering from blistering headaches and a host of other symptoms from seasonal allergies since childhood. Although it took about four weeks to begin to feel any results, I have to admit that colostrum is the ONLY product that has ever relieved all of my symptoms completely. The summer of 2000 is the first I can remember not having to use products that either don't work or only provide partial relief in exchange for a whole range of side effects."-- James S, Philadelphia, PA

"I scored 65 out of 70 positives on the back-scratch test. My allergy symptoms had internalized years ago, going from hay fever-like symptoms to an almost constant feeling of great fatigue, as though I had been drugged. Some mornings it was almost impossible to even get out of bed. Life was harder than it should have been. Two months after taking colostrum my allergy symptoms almost entirely disappeared. I was able to stop the shots I had been taking every other week, one in each arm, and the twice-daily dosage of antihistamines." - Tom Higham, President and best customer of Synertek, Cheyenne, WY

"I don't take colostrum daily, but when I get allergy symptoms I pop a few colostrum lozenges, and that works for me." -- Joel Johnson, Cheyenne, WY

"My allergy symptoms almost entirely vanished after taking colostrum. The quality of my life improved dramatically, and that's not to mention the strength and energy colostrum has given me." -- Vance P. Mayer, AZ

"Before colostrum I was unable to even be in the same house with a dog. I would immediately get an asthma attack. I could not even visit my reverend and his family because they had a dog. I simply could not tolerate being in the same vicinity with a dog, without getting an asthma attack. Now I can visit with my pastor and his family as long as I like, and even pet their dog with no problem. It took about eight weeks of using colostrum to get to that point." -- C.G., AZ

"I've been taking Synertek colostrum for a little over a year now. I have my own business, and some days I don't think that without colostrum I would have the energy to keep going and do everything that has to be done. Also I no longer get the terrible sinus headaches the way I used to, not even when a weather front comes in. I think my allergies had something to do with my sinus problems. I can't believe that anyone would not use colostrum if they knew what it does." -- Vicki Higham, Rawlins, WY

"I already know that many in my family have received positive results from using your product. Our family has been cursed with asthma and allergies and your product has been a huge help in this area." -- Linda Hefferman, Cartier, Ontario

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