Usage Instructions

Why not capsules?

Colostrum is activated in the mouth by saliva - via babes at breast, suckling calves, and you and I.

All mammals, including humans, at birth receive and benefit from colostrum. All newborn mammals receive colostrum orally, and not in an encapsulated form which bypasses the mouth, throat, and pharynx, where vital biological processes occur. Encapsulation is not part of the scheme designed by nature. Processes initiated by colostrum lozenges dissolving in the mouth are crucial to colostrum efficacy; these include salivation, buffering, and enzymatic and neurological responses.

A large body of scientific evidence indicates that there are numerous immunological receptors in the mouth and throat that are activated by colostrum and provide protection against invading microorganisms.

Colostrum mixes with saliva and forms a protective, mucus-like coating that keeps the colostrum from being degraded by digestive enzymes. With lozenges it is not necessary to flush the colostrum through the stomach with water.

Powder and Lozenges

Usage note: Best taken on an empty stomach. Follow morning serving with a glass of water. Below are general guidelines. Experimentation with usage amount may be necessary.

Maintenance: One-fourth teaspoon of the powder two or three times daily, or one lozenge two or three times daily. Some persons may require higher usage levels for maintenance. For higher usage levels the powder is recommended, up to one level teaspoon three times daily.

Compromised or fragile conditions: One level teaspoon of the powder three times daily for one month, then lower levels of the powder or the lozenges can be tried.

Bodybuilding / Athletics: One level teaspoon of the powder at morning, night, and before workouts.

How to take the powder: The powder may be taken straight and allowed to dissolve in the mouth, mixed with a food such as yogurt or applesauce, or dissolved in a beverage. The powder is water-soluble but does not dissolve readily. A hand held mini-mixer is ideal for blending the powder in a cup.

Liquid Colostrum

Liquid colostrum will provide maximum support for all life forces during times of compromised or fragile conditions, during heavy training and recovery, and in aiding digestion, muscle repair and rejuvenation. Applied topically it can promote rapid healing of eczema. A drop or two on a skin cut or abrasion will stop pain and promote healing that can be seen in only a few minutes. Liquid colostrum will stop nosebleeds quickly. Incidental disorders such as upset stomach and headache often improve immediately with two or three tablespoons of the liquid.

Synertek liquid is a product of removing all of the fat and casein, leaving the colostral whey fraction. This whey fraction does reduce the amount of IGF 1, but increases the concentration of thymic factions, PRP, and others. The benefit of this is that while colostrum lozenges help normalize, regulate and maintain body function, colostral whey has greater immunomodulatory properties. (First milking colostral whey has great immunomodulatory properties, whereas diluted or multiple milking whey has about 20% of the value of first milking colostral whey.) Immunomodulation properties help in healing or correcting more severe conditions. Lozenges may be used later for maintenance.

For compromised or fragile conditions:

This initial, four-week regimen requires nine bottles of the liquid.

First 14 days: One tablespoon three times a day. (One tablespoon equals three teaspoons.)

Second 14 days: One tablespoon twice a day.

Then: One teaspoon three times daily, or you may wish to try switching to the lozenges. For general purposes and the widest spectrum of benefits the lozenges are recommended over the long term.

If taken straight, recommended to keep in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing, however may be mixed and drank in juice.

For bloody nose:

Liquid colostrum will stop nosebleeds quickly. Wad tissue paper of a size to fit snugly in nostril. Soak tissue paper with colostrum and insert in bleeding nostril. If the bleeding allows lie on your back. In about five to ten minutes remove the tissue paper. The bleeding should be stopped, leaving the nostril unclogged and with free and easy breathing. If the bleeding has not stopped, the wad may not have been of sufficient length to contact the bleeding source. Heavy, stubborn nosebleeds may require light pressure along with the colostrum and two or three repeated applications. After the bleeding has stopped, clearing the nose by blowing normally will not cause the bleeding to start again.

For skin injuries:

Liquid colostrum will instantly stop the pain of minor skin injuries and dramatically speed healing. To see it work, place a drop or two on a skin injury. You can see healing take place as you watch. To heal a minor skin injury overnight, soak a pad of folded tissue paper with the liquid colostrum, hold it in place with a Band-Aid, and the next morning the injury will be healed to a great extent. This is especially helpful with those painful finger cuts that seem to never want to heal.

For eczema and psoriasis:

Wet affected area several times daily.

Additional Usage Notes:

Flavoring Note: Synertek lozenges are flavored with all natural flavoring, a mixture of strawberries and raspberries, which gives them the light pink color with visible bits of berries.

The “Healing Crisis”
A small percentage of first-time colostrum users will experience a “healing crisis”. Symptoms may include one or more of the following: abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, nausea, headache, cough, rash, and uncommonly a low grade fever. Normally the symptoms vanish within two days, but can last up to a week. Temporarily decreasing to one lozenge (or ¼ tsp of the powder) daily will usually stop the symptoms. If symptoms are too uncomfortable, it is recommended to not use colostrum for 48 hours, and then resume with one lozenge (or ¼ tsp powder) daily for a week. Symptoms will normally not reoccur. The healing crisis is caused by the body ridding itself of toxins and presents no risk or danger.

Side Effects: There are no known side effects with colostrum.

Product note: All Synertek Colostrum is 1st milking colostrum from the first six hours after calving. There is no higher quality colostrum anywhere at any price. Only colostrum harvested within about six hour post calving provides all the benefit that colostrum is designed to. After six hours the concentrations and proportions of the components change dramatically.

Highest quality colostrum harvested within six hours post calving can be ordered online at or

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